1 Year Since Daily Telegraph & Herald Sun Defamatory Claims

Almost 1 year since the Daily Telegraph & the Herald Sun (and their associated mainstream publications) spread and amplified defamatory claims about myself and other Australians legitimately questioning and raising awareness of potential problems with government, mainstream media and big tech narratives related to the pandemic.

One of the main claims of misinformation attributed to me was around questioning why the UK’s Chief Scientist walked back statements on the over representation of vaccinated individuals in hospitals (breakthrough cases). This is now undeniable looking at the data available, just look at the amount of people reinfected multiple times in never-ending waves. It’s now crystal clear much of this information was knowingly suppressed early on by authorities with the help of the mainstream media and big tech.

There was a whole lot more defamatory jibberish, but the funniest piece of misinformation attributed to me was that I believed a man accused of punching a horse in Sydney during a protest, did not. Luckily that entire saga has gone through the courts, with the finding that no horse was punched by that man. How having an opinion on a legal matter even qualifies as misinformation baffles me, but these are the bottom of the barrel attacks the mainstream media levelled on many of us speaking out in Australia.

The entire article was riddled with nonsense, and even at the time of publication it was obvious, but looking back now it’s clear the media was actively engaging in a disinformation smear campaign in the hopes of censoring myself and others.

My personal & private life, including business interests were heavily impacted by these baseless smears. I can only imagine what doctors and scientists trying to provide balance have been put through by these same organisations and government bodies trying to discredit them.

Always question everything you read on mainstream media, they cannot be trusted.

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