American Decline – The End of Free Speech?

In light of the relentless online purge of conservative users and groups on social media platforms since the removal of President Trump from the same platforms, I take a look back at US foreign policy on internet freedom. Specifically as it relates to promoting and defending freedom of speech in countries where governments, institutions and private companies curtail freedom through censorship and intimidation.

As accusations of coordination between the Democratic Party, mainstream media and big-tech companies to silence President Trump’s supporters are being hurled about, it’s important we revisit the actions and words of Democrats and the media when promoting the use of social media to destabilise countries and overthrow regimes.

If the people of the United States are no longer free to criticise, organise and demonstrate whatever they please, because it does not align with the interest of the political class, media elite and big-tech oligarchs, is freedom just an illusion today?

Is the United States turning into a repressive backwater, and are we witnessing the last fleeting moments of free speech in the United States?

The world is watching.

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