Are Domestic Vaccine Passports Coming in July?

The groundwork for a domestic passport system has progressed further. If the roll-out goes to plan (unlikely), authorities will be able to ask for vaccination papers at State borders from July.

Although Scott Morrison claims it is a choice for States to require proof of vaccination for travel, we all know what the States will do.

Which begs the question if it is constitutional to restrict the free movement of Australians within the country based on vaccination? Most likely not. This is probably why the Federal government is leaving it up to the States to enforce, but what then is the point of being an Australian?

The Federal government needs to do their primary task and enforce the constitutional rights of Australians, otherwise their existence is meaningless. No point creating frameworks for States to enforce at their own leisure when it comes to rights and individual freedoms. This is basic stuff, and a dereliction of the primary function of Federal government as it relates to protecting our rights.

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