AstraZeneca and the Australian Experts

A compilation of Australian medical “experts” and health authorities downplaying growing concerns overseas about the AstraZeneca vaccine over the past few months. At one point there was “no debate” as to how safe AstraZeneca was, and yet here we are today with the government having to scale back its roll-out and seek alternate vaccines for a large percentage of the population because of the link established between AstraZeneca and adverse effects related to blood clots.

This should really make people wonder, and consider how seriously they want to take the advice of these people that talk with so much certainty about something they clearly do not have all the information on. How are these people able to go on television and push this trial on their communities, without any hint of concern for the consequences if they are wrong?

The TGA head even says at one point that AstraZeneca was approved without getting all the data, with the final data sets being made available to them in April (this month) by the company. Yet every day we have been watching politicians, medical experts and media personalities tell us it’s all good to go.

Now that everything has imploded very publicly for the government, a lot of these same experts are changing their tune. Keep an eye on them, and remember how they sold it to the public prior to yesterdays announcement.

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