Australian government looks to fast-track Digital ID rollout amid Optus “hack”

In the wake of the Optus data “hack” fallout, Data & Digital Ministers from across the States & territories will convene in November with Federal counterparts led by Finance Minister Katy Gallagher to push forward the implementation of a national digital identity system.

Although the exact security failures that led to the Optus “hack” remain unclear, and most likely won’t be known until an “independent” investigation by Deloitte (on behalf of Optus) shares its findings with the public, it hasn’t stopped advocates of a government-backed digital identify system jumping at the opportunity to usher in a centralised digital ID for all Australians.

Optus hack sees government pushes for digital identity system
Finance Minister Katy Gallagher has called together all the digital ministers to kick-start the rollout of a national identity system.

Digital ministers to meet, digital ID top of mind
Australia’s digital and data ministers will convene to discuss the digital identity in the wake of the Optus data breach, as legislation for the expansion of the government scheme remains missing. After a six-month hiatus, the first meeting of the Digital and Data Ministers’ Meeting since the election is scheduled to take place in early November, with Finance minister Katy Gallagher as chair. It will be only the third meeting this year, whereas eight meetings were held in 2021 and seven meetings were convened in 2020.
Optus reveals extent of data breach, but stays mum on how it happened | ZDNET
Of the 9.8 million customers impacted by the data breach, 1.2 million have at least one form of identification number that is valid, says the Singtel-owned Australian operator, adding that it has brought in Deloitte to investigate the breach, including how it occurred.
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