Avi Yemini & Real Rukshan STRAIGHT TALK on the train to Davos

On the train to Davos, Rukshan and I discussed everything World Economic Forum (WEF) and World Health Organisation (WHO), from “The Great Reset” to “The Pandemic Treaty”.

“We didn’t sign up to the globalist agenda. And to think whoever the next Prime Minister is, whether it’s Scomo or Albo, for them to turn around and be like ‘look, we’ve signed a [pandemic] treaty, and we have to abide by it.’ That will be their fallback”, Rukshan said.

Next week, both the WEF and WHO are meeting in Switzerland. 

“This just takes us one step closer to this global one-world government where we’re all singing to the same tune.

It’s just everything conspiracy theorists say. They’re doing it out in the open”, Rukshan added.

Rebel News has sent six reporters to Switzerland to cover both events.

All reports will be filed at WEFReports.com

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