Brett Sutton Attempts to Re-write history with no ‘magic bullet’ claim

The sidelined CHO Brett Sutton, in an interview with The Age stated that proper ventilation (opening windows and doors) may be as good as a booster (third dose or fourth dose of the vaccine):

“It’s one of the key things. I think it’s probably on a par with increased vaccination, fourth dose and third dose vaccination coverage.”

He later followed up his interview with The Age with the following tweet:
“There’s no single ‘magic bullet’ against this virus but ventilation and airflow are key to fighting COVID-19. Important to take the long view.”

After playing a key role in pushing divisive vaccine mandate policies & promoting the discriminatory vaccinated economy to ensure Victorians would be compelled to take the vaccine or otherwise risk losing their livelihoods, Brett Sutton has bewildered supporters and critics alike with his most recent take on vaccines not being the “magic bullet” even though for months during the drive to vaccinate the community, much of the language around vaccination was that it was the key.

Should individuals like Brett Sutton be able to re-write history to suit their own narrative, or should there be more public accountability against officials that may have misled the public to further government agendas without providing the underlying “health advice” at the time.

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