Charges dropped against pregnant mother arrested for social media post

Charges have been withdrawn almost 2 years after Zoe Buhler was arrested for sharing a Facebook post dissenting against repressive restrictions imposed by the Andrew’s government. Buhler’s arrest at home was live streamed by her partner, showing the world the callous nature of the police actions as she was handcuffed in her pajamas while pregnant.

There was international condemnation and complaints against the Andrews government and Victoria police alleging human rights violations at the time. The police have now dropped the charges after dragging on the matter and holding it over the mother for almost 2 years saying it’s no longer in the public interest to prosecute.

It’s fair to say Shane Patton’s Victoria police acted in a manner unbecoming of their oath and spirit of the law, under the protection of flimsy emergency powers that were predicated on health advice that was not transparent. They now don’t have the courage to see it through the court process, because it will expose exactly who and what they are.

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