Craig Kelly & The Aussie Cossack

This casual selfie with Craig Kelly and the Aussie Cossack has triggered some people and prompted strange rumours. Hopefully I will sneak in a selfie with Dan at some point for extra fireworks!

I pride myself in advocating for free speech and individual liberty, so there is no chance in hell I would accept the premise we can’t as individuals associate with others on a human level. Look out for more fun photos and selfies at @rukshan.bts

I’m well aware of the many political parties, movements and figures within our country that are doing their level best in their own way to represent the forgotten men and women of this nation.

To maintain my independence I will not be aligning myself politically with anyone or group in my reporting work. If that was to ever change or there was a conflict of interest I would disclose it publically. It would not be done in the shadows and in secret as I’m happy to be judged on what I stand for.

I will continue to have an open mind and engage with everyone respectfully in the interests of bringing a multitude of perspectives to those that follow my work.

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