Cricket Australia to Airlift Australian Players out of India

Cricket Australia is looking out for the safety and welfare of its Australian players in India by organizing passage to alternate countries in the region as temporary safe havens until they can return home to Australia. No doubt players will be very well looked after in these host countries during their temporary stay.

Unfortunately for other Australians still in India that want to leave, it won’t be this easy to get out to alternate destinations to wait it out safely.

We can learn many things from sport and the way teams look after each other despite challenges and obstacles. Cricket Australia are well aware of their obligations to ensure player safety, despite the circumstances.

Team Australia the country captained by Scott Morrison is a little different though, and perhaps that is not entirely the captains fault. It would not be possible to render the type of assistance being offered by Cricket Australia to every single Australian citizen in India at the moment, there is just too many for it to be a viable option in an instant.

However, it is possible not to demonize and devalue the Australians that are caught up in India by threatening them with jail terms and fines for also wanting to return to the safety of their country in Australia. Many do not have the luxury of waiting it out in third party countries, until their own country and government is ready to accept them as Australians again.

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