Premier Daniel Andrews will not apologise for his response to “the pandemic event” and blames Federal Govt for lockdowns in Vic

Premier Daniel Andrews has refused to apologise for what he claims were “difficult” decisions that had to be made by his Labor State government during “the pandemic event”. He said unequivocally that he would not “apologise for doing everything possible to save lives” during a time we “did not have vaccines” even though an independent Ombudsman report found serious concerns about human rights violations.

While acknowledging the difficulties faced by his government due to the unprecedented nature of the “1 in 100” year event, he went onto blame the then Liberal Federal government for failures that he believes could have been avoided by better government interventions. Claiming the reason “we had lockdowns was because we didn’t have a vaccine…vaccines are not ordered by the State” further insinuating that many of the problems faced by Victorians was due to failures at the Federal level.

In fact the Premier claims that Victorians have demonstrated “to other States who thought taking pot shots at us was a good thing to do, and indeed demonstrated to everyone that when we stick together we can achieve anything and that’s what we have been able to do”.

The Premier also took the opportunity to “make the point vaccines work” and that people should continue to “put their faith in science” by speaking to a GP to consider booster vaccines or their first vaccine dose to help ease pressure on overburdened health systems.

What do you think of Premier Daniel Andrews attempt to re-write the history of the Victorian Labor governments pandemic response? Having lived through some of the harshest and longest lockdowns in the world, and that of any State in Australia do you consider his statements an accurate reflection of history?

One would think every State would have suffered equally due to the failure attributed to the Federal government by the the Premier, yet we know from real world data that almost every other State in Australia performed better than Victoria. Did any other States have such a disaster in the management of its hotel quarantine program, where its leader could not “recall” how and why decisions were made?
Surely Victorians will not buy this hogwash of a narrative by the Premier without challenging him?

Video Source: The Nine Network

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