Daniel Andrews Donut Shop

Dan & the #istandwithdan cult are completely out of touch with the plight & suffering of Victorians. They have managed to trivialise cases and deaths of Victorians attributed to the “wicked virus” to donuts so the public forgets the State governments role in causing this fiasco. Brett Sutton has changed his twitter handle to Chief Health Donut Officer, yet apparently doesn’t have time to read important emails. Victoria Police are also eating donuts, whilst subjecting the people of Victoria to ongoing harassment and deprivation of rights. This gross attempt to downplay their negligence has already backfired with the families that have lost loved ones.

“Families of Victorians killed by coronavirus have hit out at Daniel Andrews, saying the Premier has “lost the plot” after his celebratory social media posts to mark the end of lockdown and a zero-case day.”

“If he is patting himself on the back with the doughnuts; that is a person who has lost the plot in the sense of what he’s actually caused and the deaths that came from it,” he said. “We are at zero cases because of us being locked up, which has also crippled the state’s economy. It’s not come about by their government or good policies. What did they expect was going to happen?”

Mr Agnello’s wife, Suzanne, said 800 families were grieving. “And how many of those has he (Mr Andrews) contacted?”


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