Daniel Andrews Press Conference – Is this the start of the Tennis Australia Cluster

Here we have it folks, community transmission of (possibly) the “UK-Strain” as an infection has escaped the Australian Open Quarantine Program via a hotel quarantine worker. The worker has been to multiple sites around the South East suburbs, leading to numerous community exposure sites. Some rules and restrictions will be re-introduced now due to 1 case of community transmission.

Is this a failure of Andrews Labor governments “revamped” hotel quarantine program? Worse was holding the Tennis worth it to put our community through this nonsense once again.

Who will be accountable for the “Tennis Australia” cluster if it goes out of control?

Restrictions are back.

Private gatherings will be limited to 15 people.
Masks will become mandatory indoors.
Scheduled return to the workplace for more of workers will be paused.

Remember having the Tennis on with thousands of people flying in from around the world with different strains of the virus was the best “Public Health Advice”.

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