Did the police attend Daniel Andrews “Staircase Fall?”

Did the police attend Daniel Andrews “Staircase Fall”?

Liberal MP Richard Riordan has put up a series of questions addressed to Premier Daniel Andrews on the circumstances of his “staircase fall”. According to the post on social media the premier has not provided the public with any information about his “fall” despite pocketing an estimated $110,000 at the tax payers expense during his leave.

There have been many rumors circulating throughout the community due to the absence of details surrounding the incident, this is however one of the first times these questions have been posed by a sitting member of parliament.

The questions posed include the following:

“These are the questions Daniel Andrews must answer before he comes back to work.

• What time did the incident occur?

• Who was in the house at the time of the incident?

• What is the address of the house where it occurred?

• Who owns the property?

• What time was an ambulance called?

• Who called the ambulance?

• What time did the ambulance arrive?

• Which ambulance station was the ambulance dispatched


• Who made the decision to take the Premier to Peninsula


• Were the police contacted?

• Did the police attend?

• Has Daniel Andrews been interviewed either formally or informally by the police in relation to anything that occurred over that long weekend?

The Premier is entitled to privacy, but he is a public person and owes some explanations. 3 Incomplete and obscure photos on social media in 91 Days is not good enough.”

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