Double Jabbed and Unvaccinted SES Volunteers Barred from helping in Victorian flood emergency

Disturbing revelations today that SES volunteers have been turned back from helping their units in flood affected regions of Victoria for not taking their third COVID-19 vaccination shot (triple jabbed).

In a widely circulated email sent to SES volunteers & staff on the 12th of October, the SES states that even though the Victorian Government’s Pandemic Orders will no longer be in place as of 11:59pm, the organisation has reviewed their current settings and the advice remains unchanged.

The advice remains that unvaccinated and now double-jabbed individuals cannot volunteer with the SES, unless they have an exemption from vaccination.

MP Tim Quilty has also put out a statement on the issue after being approached by banned SES volunteers.

“I heard before the flood that a number of State Emergency Service units were struggling to remain open because of vaccination requirement…Since the flood crisis began, I have been contacted by a number of SES volunteers upset they were banned for attending their units to assist”

A portion of the email sent by the SES to volunteers and staff reads:

“Vaccination against COVID-19 continues to be strongly encouraged by the Victorian Government, and your vaccination efforts to date are greatly appreciated. Getting vaccinated is the best way to protect individuals, families and communities from the spread of COVID-19”

It is unclear on what basis the SES maintains that vaccination continues to be the best way to control the spread of COVID-19, as more and more evidence points to the vaccines impact on transmission not meeting the high expectations set out by governments and pharmaceutical companies.

It is true that initially some government officials and media channels without evidence, including those in Australia flat out claimed that vaccination would stop transmission. However, these officials have not faced any consequences for spreading disinformation even after a Pfizer executive in Europe confirmed that they did not carry out any testing on the transmission efficacy of its vaccines because clinical trials were not setup to test for transmission.

Fact-checkers like Lead-Stories have further confirmed that such testing was not necessary prior to bringing the vaccines to market.

So, with Australia, and much of the world moving on from the manufactured hysteria of the pandemic, why are organisations like the SES and governments like Daniel Andrews continuing to put the lives of Victorians at risk by subjugating much needed volunteers to meaningless mandates?

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