Father of Epping man stomped on the head by Victoria Police gives interview to 3AW

Interview with the father of the Epping man run over and stomped on the head by Victoria Police.

The victim was suffering a mental impairment. At the time his head was stomped on, he was surrounded by multiple police officers with his face to the ground not posing a threat.

The victim is now in an induced coma.

The father is emotional in this interview, imagine if this was a member of your family that happened to cross paths with the militarised Victoria Police force given the all clear by Premier Daniel Andrews, and their police commissioners to show no mercy or leniency and disregard human rights.

The Premier and Victoria Police made multiple statements about the shocking footage of ‘George Flyod’s incident in America, let’s see if they have the courage to call out their own behaviour.

I don’t believe this is a reflection of the entire police force, but let’s not forget Daniel Andrews and Victoria Police have had no issues whatsoever grouping people who are displeased with them into demeaning categories like “batsh*t crazy” & “boofheads”.

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