FIERY DEBATE: Senate candidates for NSW fight hard for your vote

Tonight, things get a little more heated when One Nation, LibDems, IMOP, and GAP senate candidates in New South Wales faced off for your first preference.

The word “debate” often conjures up an image of stuffy politicians in suits, shouting over each other, yet somehow putting the audience to sleep. 

While that is usually the case, the biggest problem is that you’ll generally only get to see these debates between the parties endorsed by the mainstream media. 

That’s why Rebel News Australia teamed up this week with Real Rukshan to host a Senate debate in Melbourne over two nights, to be streamed at Thursday and Friday nights. 

29% of Australian voters are said to be thinking of voting independent in the upcoming federal election, yet, if you watch mainstream media, you’d be forgiven for thinking only two parties are running. 

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