Fiona Patten attempts to manipulate Census data #noreligion

After failing to remove the Lords prayer from the Victorian State Parliament last week, Fiona Patten is back to have another crack at religion. This time it’s to influence census data by telling people they are not religious if they don’t visit a building on a regular basis. Is there a reason for this obsession with removing religion & tradition from our society?

By manipulating the data is she trying to demonstrate that people are less religious now? So therefore we don’t need to cater to them? What exactly does she want to replace it with?
Isn’t this the same person who is adamant that we should have drug injecting rooms all over our State to cater to a very small minority? I doubt data & statistics on the communities feelings on that matter informs her decisions.

I can’t think of any other politician who would take the time to go film themselves in front of a church to convince people in their community they might not be religious because they don’t go to church. Especially during a time when many people have not been able to attend church or gather together for spiritual reasons.

Remember this is the same woman that backed Dan Andrews to retain emergency powers, powers that enable the government to keep churches closed but brothels open. Yet somehow she can go in front of a church and speak this nonsense. Obviously it’s to suit her own agenda.

Please remember to mark #yesreligion on the census just for Fiona!


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