Fiona Patten – The Reason Behind Drug Injecting Next To Schools

Is this the major “Reason” the children of Richmond are being exposed to drugs and death right next to their schools and around their community?

This morning a 9-year-old schoolgirl remarked on 3AW radio that her wish when she grew up was to move away from areas where there are drug facilities in Richmond, to a place that is safer to live.

These problems are not new, as the leader of the Reason party Fiona Patten and the Andrews Labor government have made multiple empty broken promises to the residents of Richmond throughout the years. They have known since the beginning that these facilities would impact the area, but every single time they are questioned on the effects on the community, empty gestures and grand statements are made about how it will improve the area instead.

Worse Fiona wants to bring this at any cost into more of our communities, ensuring more of our children will be exposed to this madness.

Fiona Patten knowingly pushed for this type of facility to be placed next to a Primary School and dismissed concerns, what justification will she give this time for the terror its inflicting on young children in Richmond?

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