Game Set Match – Public Health Advice to import Virus to Play Tennis

We are told to believe that the best “Public Health Advice” given to the government of Victoria is to import plane loads of elite athletes, their staff and officials from regions the same health authorities have designated as hot zones with new strains of “super” “mutant” strains of the virus. The Andrews government has gone from knocking down doors to arrest pregnant mothers for putting the “community at risk” by organising gatherings, to now endorsing corporate entities to jeopardise our fragile situation by importing cases from overseas. All while some Victorians can’t even get in from other States in Australia to reunite with their families and go back to work.

Are we really going to buy this “Public Health Advice” nonsense?

Will Tennis Australia and the government be held criminally responsible if a third wave breaks out in the community?

Or will Victorians suffer the consequences once again?

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