Government: “The vaccine is not mandatory” but

Government: “The vaccine is not mandatory”

Also Government: “Can we see your vaccine certificate please?”

Citizen: “Why! I thought it wasn’t mandatory?”

Government: “Oh it’s not mandatory we are just developing a system which integrates with existing infrastructure to displays your vaccination certificate.”

Citizen: “Why do you need to develop a system for displaying a certificate, if you already know the information?”

Government: “Don’t worry it’s totally not mandatory, the certificate is to protect you from private business checking your status”

Citizen: “Why do private business need to know my vaccine status if it’s not mandatory in the first place?”

Government: “Quick look over there”

I’d suspect many would be a lot more comfortable if the government was honest about what’s really going on here, the fact they are playing this game to get this particular vaccination through should raise alarm bells.

If the government wants to force Australians to take the vaccine they should come out and have the courage to face the public and say so.

This nonsense that it is not mandatory whilst at the same time developing a system to make it easier for government entities and private business to deny services based on vaccination status is pathetic.

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