Healthcare Australia CEO Stood Down

The CEO of Healthcare Australia has been stood down following discussions with the Federal Government on the failures that led to a doctor in their system injecting two aged care residents with incorrect doses of the Pfizer vaccine.

Healthcare Australia is also the contractor in charge of multiple aspects of the Victorian governments quarantine program, of note they were involved in the Holiday Inn incident involving the “Nebulizer Man” that led to Victoria’s 5 day snap lockdown.

When Premier Daniel Andrews was asked about this link today he refused to show any concern about the role played by Healthcare Australia.

“An error made by a doctor in Queensland is not something that should be a cause of links being drawn with that company and other work that they’re doing,”

The Victorian state government has adamantly denied multiple times any errors were made by their contracted staff or the Victorian State government in the breakdown of procedures at the Holiday Inn.

Is Andrews Labor government in Victoria turning a blind eye to infractions by Healthcare Australia contractors in order to save face politically or is the Federal Liberal government using the CEO of Healthcare Australia as a scapegoat?

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