Hotel Quarantine Failure Report

After a multi-million-dollar investigation Justice Coate could not find the person/department responsible for the Daniel Andrew’s administrations Hotel Quarantine Failure. No one is being held responsible for one of the largest industrial manslaughter incidents in the world, that the report itself concluded led to 99% of Victoria’s second wave cases/deaths.

It’s time we start the process of calling for a Royal Commission into the State Labor Governments failure, and demand WorkSafe takes action on behalf of the people against this gross negligence by politicians and the public service.

If this is all allowed to be pushed under the rug, we can never have faith in our institutions to be held to the same standards that everyday Victorians are held to for much less.

Excerpts from The Australian & Herald Sun

“The Andrews government’s decision to use security guards in hotel quarantine was not made by any single person, but was the product of the police commissioner Graham Ashton’s preference, retired judge Jennifer Coate has found.”

“Retired judge Jennifer Coate says in her final report into the $195 million program that no one took ownership for the decision to use private guards and “all vigorously disputed the possibility they could have played a part in ‘the decision’”

“But that is not a total justification for the deficiencies in some of the actions taken, and decisions made, in that first 36 hours, and it does not excuse the deficiencies found in the program.”

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