Interpol NZ Email Leak

Leaked internal Interpol email between New Zealand and Australia published by NZ media outlet The BDF showing the steps taken by NZ Police/InterPol directly after a mainstream news publication (nzherald) published a sensational smear article without a byline. //

My passport was extraordinarily flagged in Australia when boarding my flight to NZ, the Qantas staff even remarked they had never seen such a flag before. It was only after lengthy checks & calls by persistent Qantas staff that NZ immigration agreed to lift the block on my Australian passport – after initially refusing multiple times.

After seeing this leaked internal email it’s clear I was targeted well ahead of time, alongside Avi Yemini by NZ Police / Interpol who state their objective as stopping both of us from entering the country. The email is full of conspiracy laden smears fabricated by mainstream publications, which is then used to support their request to bar entry and essentially stop journalists from reporting on news in New Zealand. Avi was stopped from boarding his flight which the media breathlessly reported was due to not following normal procedure, however it’s clear from these emails that decisions were made long before to go to any length to interfere in that process.

There is a clear lack of separation here between policing and politics, with the actions taken by NZ Police/Interpol being criticised as political interference and denial of press freedoms.

If this happened anywhere else in the world to journalists, countries like AUS and NZ would call it out.

“Interpol Wellington has received information that the two above names are believed to be Australian nationals intending to travel to NZ to join protest activity at Parliament scheduled on 23rd August 2022. NZ Police would like to stop the two from entering NZ and URGENTLY seek any information regarding criminal convictions or any information tending to show they are individuals of bad character, associated to Criminal Groups and individuals or Far Right extremism groups.”…

“Both subjects are associated to NZ social media commentator “Chantelle Baker” and are expected to join her at the protest in Parliament, posing as reporters.”

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