Jenny Mikakos Statement on Hotel Quarantine Inquiry Findings

Jenny Mikakos releases media statement in relation to Hotel Quarantine Inquiry findings.

“The Coate inquiry has failed to answer key questions. I believe Victorians deserve to know the truth about an event that has so profoundly impacted them. They do not need another masterclass in political deflection from the Premier”

“Further, I am disappointed that the inquiry decided to redact some phone records, including the Premier’s calls in their entirety and to subject these to a non-publication order. In the interests of public transparency, all telephone call records provided relating to 27 March 2020 should be publicly released.” – Jenny Mikakos.

Looks like the Coate inquiry was a sham, we need a Royal Commission and these records Mikakos references need to be made available publicly. Daniel Andrews’ State Labor government is destroying the creditability of every institution in this State.

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