Jill Hennessy steps down as Attorney General in Victoria

A few days out from the Hotel Quarantine Inquiry report being made public, another one of Dan’s gang mates steps down from their ministerial role.
This time it’s Jill Hennessy, Dan’s Attorney-General. Jill as Attorney-General oversaw one of the most disastrous periods of governance and civil/human rights abuses in our States history.

Citing family reasons Jill has “stepped back” from her responsibilities and accountabilities.

There is a pattern emerging of members of Dan’s team having to make decisions about their careers, or resign completely.

Meanwhile Dan sitsback and praises them for their courage for walking away from the job, a job he has made more difficult with his blunders and poor leadership. We can’t just point to the stresses of the pandemic, because if we look to other States, no other government has had so many members of their senior cabinet resign or step down from their roles.
Clearly there is only one person that needs to resign.

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