Leadership in Australia, what exactly is it? Ball Tampering vs 800 Deaths

Australian Cricket Captain Steve Smith was crucified by the public, media & politicians in Australia for his involvement in a ball-tampering incident during a cricket game in 2018. It was viewed as a pivotal moment in Australian sport, and his apology was seen as a step in the right direction that garnered Smith much respect throughout the world. I wanted to show this footage alongside the footage of the “apology” given by the Premier of Victoria yesterday for being the leader responsible for oversight during the death of 800 Victorians due to errors made by his government.

I know sports and politics are two vastly different beasts, however this issue had a lot of public attention in 2018, if anything this is to provide a social commentary on what we view as leadership in Australia. (Funnily comparisons were made with corruption in politics in 2018 as this incident happened during the Labor rorts scandal involving Andrews)
How did we end up as a society that expects more from our sporting heroes in the playing arena, but very little to no real accountability and sincerity from our political leaders?

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