Lockdown of Victoria to be extended beyond Thursday

Senior government ministers from the Labor party are in talks at the moment with Brett Sutton and the Health team on extending the lockdown beyond Thursday. All though there has been no official announcement, The Age is already reporting their government sources are sharing the same information with them. I’m going in early with this one because I’d love nothing more than to be wrong, but let’s be honest the writing is on the wall.

The people we have elected have decided to hand over complete power over our State to Brett Sutton and his holy “Public Health Advice”. No way Sutton goes against being over cautious, when he has hyped the dangers of these new variants of concerns so much.

Today they came up with a new catchphrase – “Fleeting Contact” to spook the public a little more, and the media went all in. Whenever they need to make up new words, things are not going well.

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