Merlino defends Sutton’s trip to interstate Awards Night Party

Merlino passionately defends Suttons “work related” trip to an awards party in Canberra.

There was a heavy over use of the term “work-related” as Merlino defended Sutton at the daily press conference today. Notice how Merlino very carefully does not mention the trip as just work or a part of his job.

People would have to be living under a rock to not realise the clean-up that is being done here on behalf of Sutton, who is currently hiding from the press hoping this entire episode blows over.

Anything can be classified as work-related if you try hard enough to justify it, however as we are told constantly we are now in the middle of a global pandemic and the world has changed so therefore we must make sacrifices and adapt. What exactly does an awards night during a pandemic have to do with essential work? How does Brett Sutton attending this awards night further the interests of the Victorian people?

Are we really being asked to believe that important decisions that impact our lives are being made at an awards night while people are most probably consuming alcohol? What exactly are we being asked to believe in this instance? Why can’t any of these so called leaders ever front up and apologise for their stupid choices? Where are the photographs from this “work-related” event, as it is in the public interest any photos or video should be released of work taking place.

There is also conflicting statements about Sutton organising leave prior to attending this event, so why exactly would one need to go on leave to attend a work-related event?

Is an awards night in Canberra ever going to be more important than the once in a lifetime moments of happiness and grief denied to Victorian families by Brett Sutton and the Andrews government?

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