META to Remove Vaccine “Misinformation”

Facebook/Instagram to start removing all content that it deems as vaccine misinformation. It will also remove and delete individuals/groups or pages that share this information.

In a press release from Facebook today, the company said it would be giving $120 Million in ad-credits to “help health ministries, NGOs and UN agencies” spread information about Covid-19 and vaccines.

In the same press release they also committed to banning/deleting pages/groups or individuals that spread any information related to any vaccine or covid-19 that is not authorized by Facebook or international health agencies.

In what appears to be the latest in a coordinated attack by authorities and big-tech social media platforms on free speech and open debate on health, the plan is to allow only government approved discussions on matters related to health.

It is not clear exactly who is making the decisions on what will be allowed and what type of discussions will be banned. It appears these restrictions will primarily be targeted towards individuals/groups or organizations that share alternate views or scientific information.

Source: Reaching Billions of People With COVID-19 Vaccine Information | Meta (

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