New ‘$100M senator’ Ralph Babet gives first interview since election victory

After four weeks of ‘sleepless nights’—as the AEC counted preferences; Ralph Babet finally made it across the line, taking a seat in the Australian Senate ‘for the freedom movement’.

Dubbed the $100M senator, referencing the United Australia Party spend, Babet gave an exclusive first interview to Rebel News.

“I wanted to give you guys [Rebel News and Real Rukshan] the first scoop because you always present both sides of the argument”, Babet said.

The newly elected senator says it’s his mission to ‘unite the freedom movement’ in the lead-up to the Victorian State election.

“I believe the freedom movement was a little fragmented”, he added.

Barbet went on to passionately urge Australians to get politically active.

“You need to get off your arse, and you need to work. Because if you want change. If you want real, measurable change, it comes from you. It doesn’t come from me. It comes from you. So get up there. Do something about everything you hate that’s happening in our world right now.”

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