New Zealanders have ‘had enough’ of Jacinda Ardern’s government

Thousands of New Zealanders swarmed to Wellington’s ‘Beehive’ Parliament grounds to tell Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern ‘enough is enough’.

Article Source: WATCH: New Zealanders have ‘had enough’ of Jacinda Ardern’s government – Rebel News

The protest, led by Brian Tamaki, of the Freedoms and Rights Coalition saw Kiwis from all parts of the country unite to send a message to the government that they’re fed up with the Labour regime and that the country needs change.

It was the latest action in a wave of anti-government protests which have spread across the country after Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern pursued a controversial ‘Covid Zero’ elimination strategy which saw harsh lockdowns and strict mandates used on the population.

The nation is now battling a cost of living crisis which has seen an increase in homelessness with New Zealand media reporting NZ media that hundreds of New Zealanders were suffering through a freezing Winter living in their cars with those on the ground describing the conditions as ‘heart-breaking’.

Rebel News has invited the Ardern government to discuss a range of issues the protesters have voiced. 

A small counter-protest led by far-left group Antifa taunted the protesters as they made their way towards Parliament with police separating the groups.

Independent Australian journalist Rukshan Fernando was on the ground to capture the march live after his passport was flagged at check-in, with NZ Immigration finally letting him in the country to report on the protest.

On Monday, Rebel news reporter Avi Yemini was sensationally barred from entering the country after NZ Immigration stopped him from boarding his flight to Wellington.

Tuesday’s protest marked the largest political action outside Parliament since the capital was brought to a standstill in February when Parliament grounds were occupied by anti-mandate protesters.

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