Permanent Suspension of President Donald Trump from Twitter

The “Great Reset” is upon us.

In the digital age the first step is to control access to information. Predicated on false pretenses a coordinated mass online purge, digital book burning & retribution against supporters & conservatives has begun. A new authoritarian Big-Tech regime will work hand in hand with eager governments around the world to control free-speech, censor criticism & dissent.

Twitter has permanently banned President Donald Trump to usher in this era. Worse, alternative platforms such as Parler have been removed from the Google Play Store, with the Apple App store to follow. Facebook & Youtube are equally tyrannical. 1000’s of accounts are already being purged by the hour.

In the long-run moving to alternative platforms will not be as easy as it seems. Silicon Valley will go after web hosts, servers and cloud platforms that host the content to make it difficult to establish a long term solution when a platform grows.

This is Big Tech tyranny in the west, happening right in front of our eyes. Shame on those who are actively cheering this on and supporting this Orwellian attack on free-speech. Eventually it will come for everyone.

Remember this day.

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