Pfizer Board Member Exposed Censoring Information on Twitter / Twitter Files

The most recent release of Twitter Files has exposed internal communications showing Pfizer board member Scott Gottlieb petitioned Twitter to censor information on natural immunity.

In an email sent to Washington Twitter lobbyist Todd O’Boyle in August 2021, Gottlieb expresses concern that information shared by former Acting FDA Commissioner Dr Brett Giroir was corrosive and may end up driving news coverage.

Dr Giroir was advocating for natural immunity to be recognised in the same fashion as vaccine immunity as according to recent studies there was no longer any scientific justification to provide vaccination proof if a person had obtained natural immunity.

Dr Giroir did not express any anti-vaccination sentiments, and even ended his appeal by promoting vaccination for people who had not been infected.

Internal documents show that Twitter did not consider the post by Dr Giroir as misinformation, however they labeled his information as misleading and hid it from public view as requested by the Pfizer board member.

Documents also show that the Pfizer board member Gottlieb made a failed attempt to suppress information being shared on twitter about the low mortality rate from Covid amongst children. The timeline for this request according to the twitter file release was around the same time as Pfizer vaccines would be approved for children 5 to 11.

The revelations have raised concerns about the involvement of Pharmaceutical companies in censoring information and debate on social media platforms. There are also questions as to whether the company was aware of and sanctioned these activities to hide information from the public to protect it’s lucrative vaccine sales business.

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