Professor David Hayward proposes a tax on “anti-vaxxers”

Professor of Public Policy at RMIT David Hayward has written an opinion piece in The Sydney Morning Herald encouraging policymakers to consider creating an Anti-Vax Tax (AVT) once the entire population has been offered a jab.

“We could require anti-vaxxers to pay for their choices. The refuseniks are the ones who will be the most likely get sick or die, taking up expensive staff, equipment and hospital beds along the way.

The anti-vax tax or AVT could be a surcharge to the Medicare levy, to be paid by all those without double jabs as documented by their myGov account.”

Considering that we do not “tax” people via the Medicare levy for other lifestyle choices which can adversely burden the healthcare system, why is there a sudden urge to punish people that refuse to participate in this particular vaccination program?

As an example, can people who are subject to a potential AVT apply to get a discount on their Medicare levy by refusing to fund healthcare for people that require care due to illnesses linked to smoking?

What’s with these policy wonks coming out of the woodwork with discriminatory ideas to create further division in our communities?…/anti-vax-tax-could-be-a…

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