QR codes are now mandatory in Victoria

The government is now forcing mandatory QR code use at business venues, particularly for restaurant/cafe dining in Victoria. This raises many issues around individual privacy, and data gathering by private businesses and governments.

Worse, there is little to no information being provided to the public on the dangers of widespread mandatory QR code use, which includes major issues related to cyber security. QR codes are easy to replicate, and can be used by criminals to implement sophisticated data gathering and hacking on unsuspecting members of the public. I created two QR codes that point to two interesting links, in a matter of a few seconds for this video.

A well organised hacking outfit, could easily replicate the websites being used for QR tracking in restaurants, print QR codes and swap them for the ones stuck on tables in restaurants. An unsuspecting patron would then scan the code and upload their data to the hackers website. It’s that simple.
The government talks very casually about QR code use, without touching on the very real risks posed to the public.

You can find some information regarding this via the following links:

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