Real Rukshan Update

As the established mainstream narratives that were pushed over the last few years are collapsing around us in real-time, it’s crucial we continue to hold those responsible for some of the most questionable decisions in Australia and around the world accountable.

These individuals and entities will strongly oppose this sharply focused spotlight on their past actions and go to great lengths in an attempt to re-write history to a version which dilutes the significance of the roles they played and the decisions they made.

The same networks and platforms that helped them silence legitimate dissenting opinions will now begin the task of covering up the past. Those that stand in their way will now be persecuted not for being wrong today, but for being right before.

Keep in touch with me on these platforms in the face of unrelenting censorship and attacks on free speech, because we should never back down.

@therealrukshan on Instagram / Youtube / Twitter / Telegram / Odysse / Facebook

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