RMIT FactLab Exposed & Suspended

RMIT Factlab and their cash-for-fact-checking operation in Australia have been rightfully exposed and suspended, thanks to investigative journalism and public scrutiny. Fortunately, during their suspension, RMIT cannot censor and suppress much-needed rigorous debate on the Voice to Parliament issue with their often one-sided “fact-checks.”

Despite META claiming to have strict and transparent policies regulating their “fact-checking” partners, they have failed to provide proper oversight and public accountability until pressured by media exposure, the public, and Senators in the Australian Parliament.

There is now even more reason not to trust META or any of their so-called “fact-check” partners. Spread the word.

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temp mail
temp mail
2 months ago

Your ability to distill complex concepts into digestible nuggets of wisdom is truly remarkable. I always come away from your blog feeling enlightened and inspired. Keep up the phenomenal work!