Samantha Ratnam endorses hateful protest spreading misinformation

Leader of the Victorian Greens, Samantha Ratnam, openly endorsing a group holding an anti-racism protest against the far-right. This same group has also been spreading misinformation and labelling me (a person of color) all sorts of derogatory terms based purely on an image that someone I did not know took with me in a public setting. These images are being used to drum up hate and division towards me, and given as a reason for people to attend these anti-racism rallies.

People associated with these groups have also been threatening physical harm towards myself and my camera equipment to shut me up.

Growing up in Dandenong as an immigrant from South Asia, I have overcome many obstacles. I plan to cover these public rallies in my city, as I have been able to do over 1 year at other rallies without any incidents or threats from the public towards my safety.

Hopefully Samantha Ratnam’s group is respectful of independent journalists and do not follow through with their threats.

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