Scientists in Melbourne have found the The Wicked Virus

Scientists in Melbourne have tracked down “The Wicked Virus” infecting the State of Victoria with uncertainty and despair.

“The Wicked Virus” uses fear & deception to conflate multiple unrelated issues & data sets in an attempt to absolve it’s administration of responsibility for the second wave. “The Wicked Virus” also has an obsession with the continued imposition of restrictions on the population without logical or scientific merit.

I’ve quoted some of the opening statements from today’s press release by the Premier to see how the virus operates:

“Back in August and at our peak, we reported 725 daily cases. At the same time, the UK recorded 891.”

“Today, as Victoria records two new cases, the UK hit 16,171. And as we continue easing our restrictions – they are being forced to increase theirs.”

“We are seeing states and cities, not so different from our own, overwhelmed by their second wave.”

These statements ignore the fact that we had successfully controlled the first wave by “flattening the curve” with overwhelming community support. It was our State governments administrative failures which ultimately caused our second wave that resulted in 725 daily cases at its peak, so the omission of responsibility for their part in this statement should be criticised.

Further, we are on our own continent in Australia far removed from Europe, so instead of looking internationally, we can compare our States performance against the other States in Australia. At this point comparing our situation to countries overseas serves no other purpose but creating fear in the community. Think about it, why else would someone compare our State with a few million people to a population of over 60+ Million in the UK?

“The Wicked Virus” turns to overseas examples because if it were to compare our performance with other States in Australia the failures would be apparent. To date there has been a total of 27,383 cases in Australia, of which 20,317 have been in Victoria. Out of the 904 deaths in Australia, a staggering 816 have been in Victoria.

The truth is “The Wicked Virus” is in fact the recklessness & ineptitude of the Andrews administration, and unfortunately for the people of Victoria it will continue to spread with the confidence of its Labor host.

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