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Over the past few weeks I have talked to a diverse mix of Victorian workers from almost every industry. I’ve heard first hand stories of the distress faced by decent hard working Victorians across our State, who will tomorrow be without a job because they will not be bullied into complying with vaccination mandates in their industry.

I have found in my interactions that these are strong and resilent people, who will not be coerced into giving up on their principles despite the denial by the government of their dignity to work and earn a living for their families.

Many were in fact hopeful their leaders and employers would find a reasonable solution, that would respect their rights and fundamental freedoms.

Many are walking away from careers they love, after decades of loyal service to their employers.

The lack of empathy in the legacy media for these members of our community is evident in the way stories attempt to taint these workers as extremists and outcasts. I will not pass judgement on these members of our community, label them or stigmatise them in my coverage. This is a complex issue and these stories should be heard in the their own words.

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