Statement by Rukshan Fernando

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to write this message to thank you all for the kind messages of support and appreciation for my independent journalism work.

There have been many offers to support me from very generous people through donations or via fundraising sites to help me continue my journey in the independent media space. Although I have had options to donate towards my work in the past, I have decided to not solicit donations for my work at the present time.

I’m personally vested in serving my community as a source of independent media during these testing times, and do not wish to give the impression I’m motivated by anything other than my own commitment to my work. I don’t run any ads on any of my social media content, or artificially boost any of my posts. I’m able to self-fund my work at the moment and further funding would not make a difference to what I’m doing. I will be open and transparent in requesting your support if the need ever arises in the future.

I also want to warn you all of a few fake profiles that have popped up that are imitating my page and attempting to scam people via fake prizes and competitions, please be careful. This page does not have the ability to add people as friends, and therefore any such requests you receive are not from me. I have reported these pages and posts to Facebook, as have others. However social media companies can be really slow to combat these types of scams, so always be mindful of anything that sounds sketchy.

On a final note, for those of you sending me threats via messages and hidden phone calls, please stop wasting your time and mine. If you truly believe that I, one individual doing independent reporting is the cause of this States problems, then you have much greater issues than just me and would be better served understanding what those issues are first.


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