Teletubbies promote vaccine

Why are fictional children’s TV show characters showing off their faux vaccine certificates saying they can “come out and play” after being vaxxed?

Seems trivial enough on the face of it, one could even say it’s just a bit of harmless fun by these shows to remain relevant. But should we be concerned?

One of the biggest obstacles pharmaceutical companies and governments face in convincing the population to vaccinate young children is the almost insignificant threat posed by the virus to young children. So when the max vaccination of children becomes the sole focus of governments and institutions (not that far off), the social benefits of getting jabbed will need to be hard wired into the impressionable minds of children.

The main groundwork of socially engineering the need to vaccinate children will be done via traditional mainstream media and social media, to the point that children will fear what was normal and embrace the “new normal”. The hope is children themselves will ask parents for their certificate to go outside and play.

In guidelines released just this week, the CDC in the United States has advised that vaccinated children do not need to wear masks in the classroom whereas the un-vaccinated must wear them. Take this one guideline and throw in their favorite cartoon characters telling them to wear masks, and think about what impact will this have on children wanting to fit in and not be social outcasts at school?

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