That time when “Domestic Terrorists” stormed Parliament in Australia

Today I learned that any citizen of a nation that dares protest at a Government building is a “domestic terrorist”. Worse, it looks like Trump himself has spawned this new type of terrorism in the United States, so the entire world is now concerned it may spread to their nations. World Leaders and the media have been quick to show their concern and condemnation because they have never seen this type of terrorism before in their countries.

Thanks to the internet, I was able to find some other occasions where domestic terrorism may have occurred, even here in Australia! I couldn’t believe it myself because I swear the media told me that people only started protesting and entering government buildings because Trump attacked democracy. It would be worthwhile if authorities went through some of the footage and identified these domestic terrorists who have attacked democracy, as they are most likely still living amongst us!

In all seriousness folks, don’t let the government and media cement the narrative that protesting against them in any form is some sort of terrorism. Their empty words about the sanctity of buildings and democracy are a rouse to distract from the actual issues that lead to people protesting.
For months now, in the United States, leaders and the media have watched as countless private businesses and homes have been destroyed by rioters and said nothing. Yet here we are with those same leaders and media organisations throwing a fit of rage and calling for extreme measures to punish people as “domestic terrorists” all in some lame attempt to discredit the legacy of President Donald Trump.


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