The high risk game of vaccine marketing by politicians in Australia

The Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt was hospitalised today, with his staff having to clarify that it is not in any way related to an adverse reaction to the jab the Minister received two days prior.

This is the high stakes game our elected officials are playing with the vaccination roll-out. The moment they make themselves the product with publicity stunts to show their faith in their own political decisions, the general population will naturally question and dig into every detail about any health scares they may suffer, whether related to the jab or not.

Ultimately this does nothing to harm the vaccine confidence of those who are sceptical because they were never the audience for these stunts. If anything, it can undermine the confidence of the general population at large.
Can we trust whatever medical reason is given for this infection?

Will it be the V for Vaccine Greg Hunt or the elected Minister Greg Hunt speaking to us?

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