The Never-ending Emergency – The State of Dan

A recap of key moments in the Daniel Andrews’ State of Emergency (SOE) saga from March 2020 to February 2021. As the Andrews Labor Government is currently seeking to extend the SOE in Victoria until the end of 2021, what (if anything) can we learn from statements they made when justifying the multiple extensions in 2020.

Is “public” health advice really the main factor determining the need for SOE, or is it a simple matter of lazy governance and accumulation of power without accountability by the Andrews government?

How did we go from 4 weeks SOE to flatten the curve in March 2020 to 9 months SOE to make the limited hotel quarantine program easier to manage when there are no active community transmission cases in the State?

Remember the Victorian experience with SOE during 2020 has seen numerous & repeated draconian violations of Victorians’ civil and human rights by the Andrews Labor Government, DHS and Victoria Police.

Has any member of the public ever seen this so called “public health advice” that seems to shift with the whims and desires of the Andrews government?

“Public Health Advice” is perhaps the 3 most dangerous words for modern day democracies, governments have discovered they can control the population and suppress debate by claiming to be acting in the interest of the entire public whilst also not having an obligation to share that information with the very public they are serving.

We are living through a “Public Health Advice” coup in Victoria that Andrews has orchestrated masterfully over the past few months with the help of eager crossbenchers to undermine the very fundamentals of our democracy that offers transparency and accountability to the public.

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