The Project has no opinion on “Taliban 2.0”

Are the Taliban currently at the Channel 10 Studios holding The Project hosts captive?

Never seen this self righteous bunch who can dish it out at will to all manner of governments and politicians, so restrained in their criticism and condemnation of Afghanistan’s new “government”.

The Project hosts seemed rattled when discussing “Taliban 2.0”. In an uncomfortable exchange, the hosts who are normally very opinionated and present themselves as moral compasses to their viewers, suddenly “don’t know” how to guide their audience.

According to Waleed Aly, the Taliban were “just students”. In fact, he says “that’s all they were”. Now they are politicians and also there are smartphones in Afghanistan so, there’s that.

In other news, multiple reports confirm the Taliban are currently executing people (including women & children) attempting to reach Kabul airport.

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