There is no such thing as “Covid-Normal” in Victoria

Even the most faithful amongst Dan’s flock are slowly coming to terms with the fact that there is no such thing as “Covid-Normal” promised by Daniel Andrews in Victoria. “Covid-Normal” is whatever Dan and his team says it is at any given point. If we wanted evidence of this, the re-introduction of restrictions on New Years Eve based on a handful of cases is not what Dan promised the faithful for their submission to his dictates.

Dan and his health authorities upon reaching their donut days, boasted about how confident they were in their contact tracing capability that if the public did “the right thing” thresholds become “less and less relevant” and we can enjoy our new found freedoms (and maybe even get more).

Dan is willing to say just about anything to keep his flock in line, and will punish them (even on a day like New Years Eve) to make up for deficiencies in his administration & cover up for problems with his contact tracing system.

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