UK experts change their tune on “herd immunity”

The narrative around herd immunity is shifting in the UK, with experts now sharing opinions which just a few weeks back would have been labelled as “conspiracy” or misinformation.

Just how far are we lagging behind in Australia, as our leaders and their advisors keep to a script that is evolving in countries that have already reached targets we aspire to as a country?

Can we not think ahead and use this international experience to our benefit?

This is the director of the Oxford Vaccine Group, the same people involved in the development of the AZ jab that is currently being pushed in Australia to achieve “herd immunity”. The need for these discussions have arisen as more and more evidence emerges that the virus continues to spread despite vaccination rates.

Furthermore, how useful is the obsession with vaccine passports to stop the spread when we consider these new developments overseas? Do we really need to cause community upheaval by segregation, when we can just educate the public on reducing the burden on health infrastructure?

Full interview available on UK Channel 4

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