Update: Interpol email ‘mole’ sought by NZ Police.

New Zealand Police have officially verified the “leaked” NZ Interpol email pertaining to police efforts to stop Avi Yemini & myself from entering NZ.

The NZHerald is reporting that in light of this development NZ Police are now seeking the “mole” that leaked what’s been termed a “sensitive” email communication between Interpol New Zealand and Interpol Australia to the NZ media outlet The BFD.

A spokesman for NZ Police is quoted by the NZHerald: “We can confirm the email was written by NZ Police and sent to a number of people…NZ and Australian Police are currently seeking to establish how the email came to be public”

I’ve shared my opinion previously on why the Interpol email raises serious concerns regarding the lack of separation between policing & politics, as well as the serious negative implications such actions have on press freedoms.

There has also been a lot of community concern in NZ about the integrity of the police command, Immigration authorities and the Ardern Labor Government since the email was first exposed. Yet those concerns have been met with silence and at times contempt by the people that are responsible for giving clarity. Initially this silence even led to attempts by some internet sleuths to discredit the emails as fake with outlandish conspiracy theories.

Now that the email has been verified the focus of the police and mainstream media has shifted to catching the “mole”. Mole is a derogatory term and usually denotes a wrongful action. Though the police and government may feel inflicted by the actions taken by the ‘mole’ it’s important the public reflect on and ask for proper accountability on the issues that led to what may be a whistleblower taking such a risk in the public interest.

What do you think? Mole or Whistleblower?

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